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Research and Development・Technology Development

We aim to contribute to a recycling-oriented society through speedy and flexible research and development

For a company to continue to grow, development of new product and technology is essential. Therefore, we are focusing on the following, based on these honing our existing core technologies and advancing research and development to expand the base of our business domains:

Be responsive to market changes and act with a sense of speed.
Have a flexible way of thinking without being trapped by stereotypes.
Have your own method and style.
Think compositely using both conventional and new ways of thinking.

An Example of Development Themes

  • Development of SiC raw materials for SiC power semiconductors
  • Development of surface modification technology for ceramic powders
  • Development of precision molding and near-net molding technology
  • Development of ceramic 3D printer business

We will work in collaboration with our sales, R&D, technical, and manufacturing departments to develop products that contribute to a recycling-oriented society and respond flexibly to our customers' requests and expectations. We are actively pursuing technology partnerships with many companies and joint development with public research institutes such as industry-academia collaborative research.


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