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ISO 9001


In October 1997, the Company acquired the international quality standard ISO 9002 certification for the production of high-purity silicon carbide powder and ceramic products. Also, in September 2000, we extended ISO 9001 certification for the design and production of high-purity silicon carbide ceramics for use in semiconductor industry and ceramics industries, and manufacture of silicon carbide ceramics powder for use in ceramics industry*. With the acquisition of the ISO certifications, we believe our customers can fully rely on our products.
We strive to provide high-quality products steadily and continuously to satisfy our customers. In order to realize this, Pacific Rundum Co., Ltd., will conscientiously put forth our best efforts in our day-to-day operations.

*Excluding some products with certain conditions in design and development.

Quality Policy

The Company sets the provision of products on which customers set their expectations and from which they draw satisfaction as our most important target based on the management philosophy and thereby defines the following quality policies:

  1. We provide products on which they set their expectations and from which they draw satisfaction by understanding the needs and expectations of our customers and satisfying their requirements.
  2. The quality policies shall be disseminated throughout the Company so that everyone in the organization understands them and they are implemented without fail.
  3. We establish the quality target in accordance with the quality policies and assess the level of achievement.
  4. We assess the effectiveness of the quality management system and continuously improve it.
  5. We clarify the capability required of the entire organization and implement the necessary education and training.

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