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This is Re-crystallization Silicon Carbide Compact using high-purity SiC raw materials. We have unique technology for manufacturing a large product exceeding three meters long or complexly shaped products based on the high strength conjugation method. It is also used as heat-resistant components such as various kiln components and heaters, and filters utilizing the porous feature.
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Specification(measure of central tendency)

Product Name Re-crystallization Silicon Carbide Compact
Composition Mechanical Property Young's Modulus
Flexual Strength
(3 Pt.)
Composition α-SiC is over 99.9% RT 200 140
Apparent porosity [%] 18 800°C 190 150
Bulk density [kg/m3] 2.56×103 1200°C 185 160
Heatproof temperature [°C] 1500 Poisson ratio 0.21(RT)
Thermal Property Thermal Conductivity
Specific Heat
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion [1/K]
RT 130 0.69 RT~700°C 4.5×10-6
700°C 40 1.27 700~1200°C 5.3×10-6
Impurity Content (Pressure-Decomposition Method ICP-AEC [ppm]
Element Fe Ni Na K Mg Ca Cr Mn Zn Cu Ti V Al
Content Percentage 3 <2 <0.5 <1 <0.1 5 0.3 <0.1 <0.1 <0.1 <3 <3 25

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