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In 1995, the Company succeeded in producing Zirconia Ferrules, the main component for fiber optics communications, in China for the first time in the industry. We developed the elemental technology for materials and precision molding and advanced processing technologies, and we now offer a large choice of high-performance parts for fiber optics communications.

The development of communication networks with optical fiber is exceeding the forecasts and advancing at tremendous speed, bringing major changes to our life and culture. We believe that the structure of the network is one of the most important for society among all of the infrastructure equipment installations. The Company's Zirconia Ferrules and Zirconia Split Sleeves strongly support global communication networks, including wide area communication networks, factory automation, and local area networks that sustain the high-density information-driven society.

Major products and applications

Series Products Main Products and Commercial Products Main Applications
Parts for Fiber Optics Communication Parts for fiber optics communication Zirconia Ferrules Precision Connectors for Optical Fibers
Zirconia Split Sleeve
Connectors and Adapters

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