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Through the integrated manufacturing process from raw materials to molded products, the Fine Ceramics Division provides high-purity silicon impregnation-type silicon carbide and high-purity re-crystallization silicon carbide mainly to the semiconductor industry of Japan and foreign countries. Such products are high purity with outstanding heat conductivity in addition to the traditional ceramic material features of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high rigidness, high hardness, and high strength.

By applying forming and processing technologies, the Company is currently capable of producing complex-shaped products or large articles longer than three meters, which were impossible to make with traditional ceramics. Also, we have been facilitating product development into other related sectors by using production technology and a quality control system that were developed for the manufacture of components for semiconductor heat processing over many years.

Major Products and Applications

Series Products Main Products and Commercial Products Main Applications
Fine Ceramics Components Silicon Impregnation Silicon Carbide Compact
Semiconductor Heat Liberation Components
Example: Tube, boat, susceptor
Heat Liberation Components
Example: Heat sink
Re-crystallization Silicon Carbide Compact
Various Kiln Components
Example: Setter, beam, filter
Silicon Carbide Series Products Ultra-High Purity Silicon Carbide
Materials for Monocrystal SiC
Example: Power Device, LED
For Communication Devices

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