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We always strive to create innovative products.

Research and Development System

We aim to develop environment-friendly products and products that fulfill the requirements of our customers in order to live up to the spirit of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 and contribute to the society.
Engineers and the manufacturing, sales, and marketing departments closely cooperate with each other, building project teams if necessary, to develop new products and new applications. Also, we are proactive in technical collaboration with a number of corporations and co-developments with public research institutions, such as industry-university joint researches.

Major Development Themes

Semiconductor-related technology

Responding to the requirement for making a larger bore in the silicon wafer and realizing the fine processing, we have been improving production technology from raw materials to finished products.

Energy-saving related technology

Responding to the requirement of a new heat sink necessitated by the high-density packaging of electric equipment, we facilitate research and development of heat sinks made from silicon carbide with high thermal conductivity, thereby contributing to energy saving and lighter weight in next-generation hybrid cars and computers.

Research on nanoparticles

The research is carried out to put compact nanoparticles into practical use in the future in a bid to make our unique ceramic material processing technology more value-added.

Core technologies

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